Code of Ethics

As a company which is committed to personal and professional integrity, we are governed by a code of ethics that has been the cornerstone of our operations from the time of inception of the company. We take it very seriously and have no hesitation in relinquishing staff who do not adhere to these principles. Given below is a brief listing of the ethical values we follow:


  • Seek business openly and honestly
  • Seek long term relationships
  • Provide quality services
  • Accurate and truthful representations
  • Act in an honest and ethical manner
  • Maintain accurate books and records and report results with integrity
  • Avoid conflict of interest
  • Absolute Professional Integrity

People FOCUS

  • Respect for the individual
  • Help each other
  • Invite full participation and support diversity
  • Ensure everyone has an equal opportunity
  • Safeguard company property and information
  • Maintain and satisfy rules and regulations
  • Work in a positive environment
  • Live our values
Director's Message
Mr. A N Prakash Managing Director ANPCPMC Pvt. Ltd.
We are reinventing ourselves by moulding our philosophy : done by adopting the mantra
'learn → un-learn → relearn' and changing our organizational structure by introducing new verticals, so as to be able to stay ahead in the profession, without which, in this age of information pervasiveness one is easily made redundant.
Paul Pandian Chairman Axes Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd.
"Their knowledge and approach to tackling problems are commendable also as their involvement and commitment to the project."